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What changes do you want in your life? Positive life changes can start with your first Mace Energy Method session...

So what is the Mace Energy Method? (MEM)

The Mace Energy Method is an uncomplicated, yet powerful and proven counselling method to eliminate negative views and identities about yourself that you do not like or would like to change. It is fast, non-disclosure, and simple to follow.

MEM is highly effective and is used to free people from upsets, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, abuse, loss, stress, phobias, addictions, relationship issues, health issues and body problems to name a few...

Mace Energy Method (MEM) has changed the face of emotional counselling. It is the product of over 50 years of research and clinical experience. The Mace Method helps you succeed in resolving negative life issues in minutes, not hours. There are no months of ongoing counselling sessions. In fact most people only require one or two MEM sessions.

There are a number of things that set the MEM apart from other types of personal counselling methods:

• It is rapid and effective - clients are amazed major problems can be quickly resolved

• It is non-confronting for the client

• The counselling session does not require the client to ‘disclose’ details, or talk about their negative and often painful traumatic experiences

• There is no analysis involved—just release, disconnection, and resolution

• The technique is uncomplicated, easy for the client to follow and participate in

• The release of the emotional trauma is immediate - the client experiences an emotional release and ‘healing shift’ in perception about the former problems

• Clients feel immediate benefits - ‘like a ton of bricks have been lifted off them'

• It is entirely dialogue based, with instructions from the MEM practitioner. There is no tapping involved as in EFT

• A very common comment from MEM clients, is; “It can’t be that simple”…but it is!

The Mace Energy Method is a revolutionary, non-confronting and effective way to resolve emotional problems and make positive life changes

 If you are seeking to break free of emotional pain, depression, compulsive behaviours and many other of life’s negative traumas, you now can, by experiencing the remarkable Mace Energy Method (MEM).

Proven to be rapid and highly effective by many thousands of people around the world and used by a growing number of trained practitioners in many countries, MEM™ is a new and powerful healing tool that is having remarkable positive effects on peoples’ lives. And unlike other more drawn-out and sometimes costly methods, MEM counselling requires very few sessions – often just one or two.

Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, DCEP, a practicing psychologist and graduate of the Mace Energy Method Academy, wrote “The Mace Energy Method looks too good to be true because of its simplicity. However, the rapid positive outcomes amaze and delight my clients. Relationships improve, negative emotions and compulsive urges disappear, and they enjoy a new sense of well-being.”

A major departure from conventional counselling—no traumatic self disclosure is required

In a total departure from conventional counselling, the Mace Energy Method (MEM) does not necessitate any upsetting and sometimes painful personal self disclosure—and as unlikely as this may seem, it requires very few sessions.

This results from an entirely new line of research into emotional problems which has revealed that it is not what a person experiences that affects them, but their emotional reaction to the experience, in other words, how it made them feel.

MEM permanently frees clients from the emotional effects of any unwanted experience, no matter what it was. You cannot change what has happened, but you can certainly change how it affects you now!

All the MEM practitioner requires from the client is the negative feeling experienced in the event. It is the negative feelings locked into their psyche that have to be removed. Talking about the actual details of the trauma event not only does not remove them, but can even make people feel worse.

While this appears to be a bold claim, considering the widespread and almost universal acceptance of self-disclosure as an essential part of counselling, we make this claim without hesitation.


Ron Campbell, Mace Energy Method Practitioner and Principal of Peace of Mind Personal Counselling.

My office is based in the Old Fremantle Prison, now a Heritage building, in Knutsford Street Fremantle WA.

Please contact me on:

Mobile 0401 355190

Email Ron@macemethodcounselling.com

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